Version 2.4.2 now available

Current Version 2.4.2

Some fixes to several annoying bugs that have been found and a few usability features have been added. The most significant change is to the handling of adjustable step lengths in Runge-Kutta solutions.


  • Some logic keywords were not colouring correctly in the edit view;
  • The power operator (^) was occasionally causing an incorrect syntax error;
  • Improved error handling in the calculation of chi-sq % in the merit procedure;
  • Improved error handling for parameter values close to zero in the Marquardt procedure;
  • Graphing bugs which led to floating point errors and mishaps when re-loading graphs have been fixed;
  • An interference between output and integration steplength for adjustable Runge-Kutta has been resolved. This affected some models where integration step length changed significantly over the course of the simulation;
  • An occasional bug when arrays currently shown on graphs and tables are re-sized has been fixed;
  • Improved handling of missing grid files.


  • The symbol trace form has been modified so that if a symbol is selected in the edit view it is automatically selected in the trace form when opened;
  • The facility to convert a symbol (e.g. from variable to ode) has been added.

Download version 2.4.2